Rank or Earnings, Which Do You Prefer?

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From the moment I stepped in to Bitlanders, my eyes have been set on the earnings side of things. I didn’t really care about making it to the leaderboard, let alone get at the top.

That is why some of you might be wondering why I don’t make my journey up the leaderboard much of an issue. After all, if my daily earnings do not catch up, I don’t see any sense at all.

However, most Bitlanders users are aware that earnings are closely associated with the rank, or I should say, buzz score. I understand this too, and I’m starting to get a taste of what Bitlanders can offer.

This post is more of a poll to try and ask your opinion about this matter than a definitive stance. Please don’t consider this as a serious matter. I just want to see some real interaction here because I haven’t seen one since my engagement in Bitlanders started.

Now which do you prefer, guys, rank or earnings? Thanks in advance for your comment.

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