Rare Condition - A boy Sheds Like a Snake

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A rare case of skins disorder that ruined the life of 16 years old Indonesian boy. He has a "Red Man Syndrome" or also known as Erythroderma. This rare skin disorder characterized with dry skin that will sheds every 41 days or so. It is an extra ordinary disease that will change the appearance of a normal skin.

The skin that sheds from the boy is really like a scaly skin of snake and it covers all of his entire skin from foot to his head. To maintain the normal condition of this boy, he need tomoisturize his body so it will not hardened like a sculpture. The name of this boy is Ari from Indonesia.
Because of this rare condition Ari also having a hard time to talk and he has a problem with his right eye. For now, Doctors claims that they dont have any resources to treat the condition of he boy but they are doing their best to monitor and give proper treatment to avoid severe condition and pain.
There are several people who heartily donated money and medicine for him to live normal but still Ari cant socialize well to other people like a normal kind around.
There are some superstitious beliefs in their villages that this rare condition was cursed when his mother tortured lizard when she was pregnant.
Despite of this condition, Ari has a strong belief and faith that someday he will lived normal like the people around.
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