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Having multiple orgasm for a men is indeed a dream for everyone, this is a rare condition and you might consider it as everyone dreams but the man who have 100 orgasms a day considered it as a night mare. How does it feel to have 100 orgasm in each day without having any sexual activities. Dale Decker is the first man who stand up and shared to public about his rare condition. According to him, he made 100 orgasm each day but he does not even enjoying a single one. This condition was developed on 2012 when he slipped a disc on his back while getting out of a chair. In short, this rare condition is not in born. He experienced his first 5 orgasms in a day while on his way to hospital. - See more at: http://www.worldfactsnews.com/2014/11/rare-disorder-man-have-100-orgasms-day.html#sthash.4p5Th4EU.dpuf


his rare condition also happens to a women, same condition with Dale Decker a women named Amanda Gryce had this rare condition as well, having multiple orgasm in one day. Dale are afraid of spending time at any public places, this left him housebound and afraid of staying outside with people because of uncontrolled orgasm. This condition caused him to stop in his work and had a hard time to deal with other people even to his relatives and friends. With this condition, Dale consider it as 'disgusting and horrendous' ruining his life and a nightmare during his sleep. - See more at: www.worldfactsnews.com/2014/11/rare-disorder-man-have-100-orgasms-day.html#sthash.4p5Th4EU.dpuf


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