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There’s something strange about this movie, not strange, perhaps gross is the right term if we think of it in a real-world setting but, as an animated movie like this, it is nevertheless fun and entertaining, with so many lessons to learn most especially for those that are into cooking and even for those who love to eat.

Yesterday was a boring day, I was done with work and I couldn’t think of any other thing to do so I logged into Netflix, clicked on the notification and found a suggested movie to watch - Ratatouille.

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I have heard about this film for a number of times before, it was being talked about by some of my friends but I never had the chance to watch it until yesterday. So, why not write a blog entry about it too? Read on to know if it’s worth watching for.

Ratatouille Movie

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Remy is a mouse who lives in an old woman’s rooftop together with his father, best buddy at the same time brother Emille and a whole colony of rats. He is unlike the rest of his clan because he has a special talent, he has a strong sense of smell and a huge interest in cooking. And in the strangest way, he is also fond of humans. In his mind, humans have the means of creating something and this had significantly influenced him, even to the point of him learning the human language and being able to read which makes it possible for him to understand and communicate with them.

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His adventures in cooking had impacted his everyday life, he stands in the virtue of not stealing food but rather cooking food. He looks upon one famous chef, Gusteau, the youngest chef who has a five-star restaurant but was reduced to three because of a review was written by Ego, a critic feared by most cooks and restaurants. This horrific review took a toll on the great chef and eventually caused him to die.

But before he died, he had left a legacy to the people of Paris, France and to the entire world, his book Everyone Can Cook is a masterpiece which encourages everyone to try the art of cooking. He lives by his personal quote, everyone can cook but only the fearless can be great.

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Remy was out of the idea that a frightful event would turn his life upside down, not just his but his entire colony.

One gloomy afternoon as Remy and his brother Emile were looking for food, he found a mushroom, coincidentally, Emile also found a piece of cheese. The two went to the chimney top to roast it but they were struck by a lightning, burning the mushroom and cheese which made it taste good but it lacks something.

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Remy decided they should look for it inside the house, at the chicken specifically. Emille, although scared went supporting his brother. Remy found what he was looking for but was distracted by the cooking show and was caught by the old woman which panicked her.

Immediately, the woman fired almost killing the two, as Emille hangs by the chandelier, the woman accidentally fired the whole ceiling, breaking it and the entire clan of rats was revealed. It was a call for relocation, to save their lives away from the woman with a gun.

Remy went back for the book, he wasn’t able to take the boat where his father and the rest of the clan, he floated along with the book and eventually was cruised into a water sewage.

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Fortunately, he survived! Hungry, alone and tired, an imaginary Gusteau appeared who encouraged him to go out and look for food but not steal one. He crawled into a maze of tunnels until he found himself looking at a restaurant’s kitchen.

Coincidentally, Linguini is an orphan who had to find a job to survive. He handed a letter written by his late mother, the right-hand cook of the late Gusteau to the Master Chef who was skeptical about hiring him. He ended up being a garbage boy.

On his first day, Linguini spilled the soup which was being cooked by one of the staffs, afraid he might get fired, he tried to fix it. It was timely that Remy was watching him and eventually tried to rescue the soup but in the process of adding up ingredients, he was caught by Linguini who was surprised by what he was doing. At the same time, Linguini was caught by the chef cooking but the soup was served and it was too late to recall it.

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The customer who ordered the soup loved it and it became a hit so Linguini was asked to redo the recipe. Without any cooking background, he sought for Remy’s help and that started their bond making Remy a great cook.

But every good story has a conflict and it revolver around in the case of Remy, Linguini, Ego the critic and Gusteau’s past. Can Linguini’s secret be revealed?

Ratatouille Movie Review

Pixar Animation Studios, of course, is well known for great stories, lovable stories, and excellent animation movies, this includes Ratatouille.

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For me, the movie can be enjoyed by both the young and the adults alike. There were cute, fun and adventure, it can be appealing for any age and will certainly leave marks of how we treat such rodents.

Also, Director Brad Bird had infused the story with such a unique style. I like the cinematic progressions, the view of Paris, of course, is always a favorite because I am also one of those who sincerely love to see Paris in person.


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But everything is not perfect of course. As a human being, I had questions and several doubts about the series of scenes, thinking those are impossible! Let me point a few of them, first was when Remy and Emile were struck by a lightning and survived it. The second was when Remy was in the sewage floating above Gusteau's book and the book survived after all the water is accumulated.


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Rat cooking was also a whole disgusting thing most especially that a rodent brings bacteria and diseases. So whatever cleaning they show in the movie, that still won't change my point of view about rats. And ultimately, the way Remy was controlling Linguini was super impossible!

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But then again, this was a product of the mind so there's no limit of the imagination. Nevertheless, the movie brought a lot of information about the cooking world and Paris. I have enjoyed every line of inspirational quote mentioned by Gusteau.

Thank you for reading! What kind of movies do you like?


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