Rate of crimes in Pakistan and its effect on the other people of society

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The breakage of law that are set by the Government is known as crimes.Only few peoples in the society that break the law but it is effected on the whole society.In ancient time the crime are limited,the peoples are afraid the government and majority of peoples are respect and follow the rules and law.

If any one commit crime than Government will punish them.In this time the people lead a simple life and have no sense of crime.If any one kills a person than according to the law government give the punish of death.

But in this modern age the rate of crimes increasing rapidly.There are so many factors that are responsible of increasing the rate of crime.This is due to the lack of education, unemployment, needs of  life,to complete there dreams etc.

Murders,violation of law,Kidnapping and Cyber crimes that are increasing day by day.If we see to the modern countries the rate  of crimes are very small as compare to the Pakistan.

This is due to the education and follow of rules and rights.If every one will get there rights than there is no reason to fight.It is responsibility of every citizen to respect the laws and help to stop the crime.

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