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Why is it only when milk goes through major corporations hands then is it legal to drink milk? I mean humans have drank milk straight from the cow for thousands of years all of a sudden during these last of couple decades drinking raw milk is illegal? That's like saying I can't eat my own vegetables that I grew in my back yard because they didn't come from a supermarket. Yes, major companies have used the government to create new laws so that their pockets are aligned by the public. Our tax dollars go toward policing consumption of raw milk. So yes, our government has been hijacked by big corporations, and these big corporations run everything with the government as their monkey wrench.

Just like tobacco laws are totally unnecessary. Why does our government only protect the big company tobacco companies, when the little guy is simply regarded as the "black market". Our government is used as a tool to combat small business so that big company could prosper.

When our government thinks it has the authority to tell us that it is illegal to wear a helmet then there is something wrong here too. I'm going to try to get you out of a fog here for a second. Is riding a horse more dangerous than riding a bike? I would say so (of course it depends what you're doing on your bike), but you will never see a cow boy wearing a helmet while riding a horse. I use to ride a bike every day and never wore a helmet and the only two people in our town that wore helmets while riding bikes were handicap. Where I live there are no laws to wear helmets, but I know they are pushing it like they do almost everywhere else. How come much of society is all of a sudden scared of sitting on a bike without a helmet? Social engineering and scare tactics. The fear of head injuries wouldn't even cross your mind if it wasn't for the news trying to convince you that if you don't wear a helmet you will die! If/when I fall off my bike the first thing that hits the ground is my hands and maybe my knees, but due to automatic reflexes built in all of us most of the time our heads always seem to be lifted as we crash to the ground. Of course we aren't going a hundred kmh as we do on motor bikes, but even so I have something to say about this topic.

In BC if you ride a motorcycle and you worship a certain god you are allowed to not wear a helmet even though the law requires everyone to wear a helmet. If you don't worship that certain god you by law are required to wear a helmet. It is because if you worship this certain god you have to wear a turban. Now this is a Discriminatory Practice under the section 5 in the Human Rights Act. It is against the law to allow one group of people the privilege of giving an option to wear a helmet or not, while it is mandatory for everyone one else to wear a helmet. The province of British Columbia is making a mockery of Canada's Human Rights Act, and might as well spit on it and let everyone know that they as a province aren't included in the Human Rights Act. Either it's mandatory for all (which violates religious rights for one group of people) or it's optional for all. As long as there is even one person in Canada that claims it is against their beliefs to wear a helmet while riding a motorbike then every single person has the option to wear one or not. Helmet laws are a burden on Canada's Human Rights Act, and it will never work for helmet laws to coincide with Canada's Human Rights Act. All helmet laws should be obsolete in Canada.

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