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Books are best friends of people who want to give information about everything and show the world in the papers. In my last blog (Come to Library) I mentioned about benefits of books and meeting libraries. In this topic I want to give information about empowerment of human through reading and the country is in need of the learning culture improvement.

The power gained from reading is priceless. Reading expands our knowledge and awareness us from things we do not know and also stimulates the creative imagination. It plays a key role in our lives and as well to improve our society.

 In fact, reading has such a powerful influence it can change our emotional state. For example, we realized that happy stories can improve the reader’s mood while stories of inspiration can motivate and inspire him.

Reading books and promotion of learning culture are one the most essential for Afghan new generation, because wars fired all books and caused to backward the country in development part.

However, Afghanistan has had a long tradition of scholarly and intellectual pursuits, but it is now the time to show the world who we are in real. After decades of conflict this tradition is going to comeback.

Now there are lots of challenges to combat against, the old books and even the school books are not enough for students. They need to go the library to improve their learning and expand their knowledge.

This is a change that is especially evident among young people, who now rub shoulders with older intellectuals between the library’s stack of books, eager to learn and improve their future.

The best way to treasure and maintain the culture of learning is to create libraries and increase the quality of education in schools and universities and as well to make youth for increasing their talents. Societies that do this always prosper.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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