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ever sins the movie kickass superhero fanatics answer kickass question why are there no real super heroes and took it on them self to become a super hero. sinis the movie kick ass there are more than 100 people dressing up at night as super heroes most of them just stick with doing good deeds like helping elderly cross the street, feeding the homeless.

sum just do it for the fame like the guild:the real life super hero project

don't believe me here is a link

and all though it's all fun and games plus the fact that this are good samaritans doing good deeds there are some that take it to the next level one of those individuals is phoenix jones also known as Benjamin John Francis Fodor a former world champion in the mma. Jones says he wanted to take policing matters into his own hands after a few incidents changed his mind about Seattle with a hundred thousand dollar kevlar suit.

after studying many movies on youtube about phoenix jones i came to the conclusion that everytime jones is involved the situation only gets worse just like in this movie below

now don't get me wrong i'm a big fan of the marvel universe and glad to see that people with good in their heart i'm not trying to make him look bad but phoenix jones has looked death in the face many times

that it for now hope you like reading this as i liked writing it

i will leave you with one of my favorite scene from kick ass

 Good night, and keep watching the skis. yes i know skis wierd ha ; )

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