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Maximize advertising ad units with Altitude Digital

Altitude Digital, publicized its comprehensive self-service platform to aid publishers better understand their readers and monetize their site for best results. The publisher’s ads are embedded in the 20,000 sites involved with this platform, its new publisher interface with the end-user in mind by creating a streamlined platform, the new alternative to Google AdSense supports IAB ad sizes for display, video and contextual ads. Altitude Digital hints the industry with the highest advertising rates and to maximize their advertising ad units on their site.

“Altitude Digital’s alternative solution offers publishers:

  • Access to the company’s high-performance network
  • Supports IAB ad sizes for display, video and contextual ads
  • Net 30 payment terms, $50 minimum payment
  • Intuitive and straightforward reporting features to monitor maximum results “

What is more promising is that the company recently closed $5M funding from Mercato Partners which enable them to improve its ad space and operations for online publishers while reaching new, untapped target markets.

Altitude Digital would be a great fit for small business’ expansions

A recent article on discusses about the noticeable increase in small businesses that appear to be more devoted in LinkedIn rather than Facebook since it is more relevant to the respective industries. Small businesses are looking for access to new customers with a variety of digital tools such as email, websites and social media, attached with the ability to both deliver and access them from mobile devices, small businesses are building new connections without borders.

Companies like Altitude Digital are fit for this expansion and provide further exposure to wider audiences. As more small companies require better advertising optimization, Altitude Digital can provide video preroll ads and a real-time bidding platform with which to optimize and monetize those ads. This is particularly true because the poll also suggested that more small businesses are turning toward “mobile-friendly” advertisements and marketing.


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