Reason why internet search techniques can help you become a better blogger

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Reason why internet search techniques could help you become a better blogger.

We use the internet for quite a number of things, as a place to meet new people social media, a place to make money Bitlanders, a place to make research, send electronic mails and much more!

Understanding the reason why internet search techniques could help you become a better blogger will come in handy in meetings ends.

The internet is helping us to find what we want to find on the web easily by giving us the information quickly and effortless. The internet is a powerful tool to becoming a better blogger on bitlanders or any blogging platform.

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Our learning objectives

understanding the web as a repository of information

explore different search tools for research

learn to use the tools appropriately for sourcing information

evaluate search results create a better content.

Let’s begin by looking at what is the internet? the internet search technologies, the web and how big the web is.

What is the Internet?

The internet is a network of computers that are using the transmission control protocol/Internet Protocol to reach billions of user all over the globe. Though it was earlier design for U.S Department of Defense network, today, the internet serves as a global data communications system that links billion of private, public, academic and business networks together.

The internet search technologies

Over the years, the internet has grown to what it is today by interconnecting with many computers all over the world, this, however, has also lead to what is now called

The web

This is one of the services available via the internet, the web, however, has made the connections of documents, files, pictures, videos and other forms of web resources available for everyone to use. Theses available documents or files on the internet are connected by hyperlinks and URLs

How big is the web today?

As of Friday 13th April 2018, the has shown that at least there are 4.52 billion pages indexed and these results are estimations from Google, Bing and Yahoo search.

How to Explore different search tools for research

When we speak of search tools, we are simply referring to a computer program that scans document for words or phrase and returns the result. These search tools are

Search engine

Meta-search engine

Information gateways

Invisible/deep web


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Search engine

A search engine is a computer program that searches documents, photos, videos for specific keywords and returns a list of documents containing those keyword(s) or phrase.


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These programs are often used to describe systems like Google and Bing search that enables web-crawlers to search for documents on the world wide web. A search tool is effective as a search engine. Proper usage of these search tools can make you a better blogger.

Search engines are good for

These search engines or search tool are good in showing result based on proper use of syntax during the search. By knowing how to use the proper syntax in search. A result of useful information is displayed that will make your research epic. Thus translating to a better blogger.Examples of such search engine are Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines.

Metasearch engine

A metasearch engine is a search engine that gives result based on concatenating varieties of database search engines and kinking result to relevant sources.


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Metasearch engines always give result by concatenating what is generated from other search engines. Metasearch engine uses a complex algorithm to generate search results based on the criteria passed.

A metasearch engine is good for

A metasearch engine is fast to show results based on single or double keyword(s), finding problem solution and giving a convenient content source on a page

A metasearch engine is not good for

A metasearch engine is not convenient for comprehensive results from a complex search engine.

Examples of metasearch engine

There are several of them, but here are some list of most used search engines

MetaCrawler, Dogpile, IxQuick, Kartoo.

Information Gateway

These are subject directories and virtual libraries compiled and developed by people, not robots or bots. These information gateways give vivid information about certain keywords used.

Information gateway good for

Information gateway is good for a more focus relevance and quality result. A clear topic definition but not unique keywords and you can browse for ideas.

Information gateways are not good for

They are not quick in finding information from widely varying themes across all websites and indexed Google, Yahoo or Bing pages.

Invisible/deep web


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The invisible/deep web is the part of the web in which general search engines do not search and reveals the content. Though in recent times, attention has been giving to the deep web, the amount of data found in the deep web is more than what is available.

I love the fact that students now have access to the riches of online content… The question is whether their online searching skills are limited to finding MP3 files and pictures of Britney Spears….Mary Ellen Bates, Econtent, June 2002

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The invisible/deep web is the site that is not accessible by regular search engines because,

Private website requires registration and user login details.

Unliked pages cannot be searched by most search engines.

The reason why you can become a better blogger by understanding internet search techniques

Now you have learned about all these types of search engines, how does learning about them makes you a better blogger on bitlanders or on any blogging platform.

So this is how

Identify your concepts

To begin writing a blog topic, you need to identify the concept of the topic you are writing on. Gather many materials related to that topic by making research using one or more of the above-mentioned search engines, search tools and become a better blogger.

Keywords research


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Using the search engine, you can research keyword(s), to generate a better content for the blog post you are about to write and give more facts than skimpy contents.

The essence of using search engines and metasearch engine is to be exposed to more writings on the topic of choice, with more facts and figures to back up your writings

In making research, it is better to use the metasearch engine, which can give you general details of the information you need to make a beautiful blog post.



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