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After more than a month of having an issue with PLDT and following up on them. Calling them every now and then and patiently waiting for them to fix it, the technicians eventually came and got everything working now. My parents are quite satisfied with their connection and when I was in Bohol, I was also satisfied with it and so I called them to inform that the connection is already good and tag the ticket as fixed.

But aside from that, there was also another agenda as to why I called, I asked for rebate.

By the time I informed the agent about it, he immediately checked the report and created a ticket report for the rebate request. Since the issue took more than a month, he made two tickets as it covered two billing cycles.

He promised me that there will be someone who's going to call me and inform that the request has been approved and the billing update will reflect on the next bill.

But I am already used to not receiving a call from them and so as expected no one called even after 4 days so I called them again and found that the report has been approved, we will receive a rebate amount of 874 pesos!

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