Receiving Some FREEBIES Again

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I was just surprised just this afternoon while I was busy preparing my son as he will again left and will go to the province together with my brother, when suddenly, the daughter of our land lady knocked on our door and handed these 2 package from LBC. I just remembered that I had shopped again online last month dated 4-23-15 and 4-29-15, and I thought, those items won't reach my door. 

Indeed, the items I had shopped online for FREE had arrived again. This is the 2nd time I had received some freebies from that site and I'm happy that I still received the items I had shopped by just merely accumulating points.

The more points I had, the more chances that I can shop in their website for free. ^_^ And remember my blog WINNING FOR THE FIRST TIME ?? Yes, that's the site which I am actively logging in everyday to gather some points and just the other day, I had just won 2,500points or 2,500pesos which I can use in their website for the whole month of May.

And if ever you also wanted to visit the site, well here's the link: 

Enjoy shopping! ^_^ 


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