Recess Period

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We have about eight period in our school timetable. Some of them are very interesting and some are sad. The recess period is a period of joy and happiness in the school. the recess period is the great  joy for students.


It come after fifth period and its duration is half hour (30 minute) all students runs from the classroom as the bell rung there is great rush in the canteen. Students starts running in every direction. Some students open there lunch boxes in the classroom they try to finish it as soon as possible.


The busiest place during recess is the school canteen. there are boys shouting ahead of one another to buy some biscuits, cold drinks and ice-cream. There are also some students which are serious minded they are not wasted there single minute they are usually seeing studying during recess time.


Some students sit in the groups so that they can chat one another some students spend this period in copying homework from the note books of there friend .some students are punished by detention in the class. but when teacher punishes us by stopping our recess we are really fell sad.


I thing those students who enjoy there recess period they be very happy it is the period which give you time to relax your mind and not fell lazy in the next classes.


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