Recipe for making a Brigadeiro

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The Brigadeiro is one of the most beloved and delicious candy stemmed Brazilian Culinaria, even being one of the Mandatory sweets at any birthday party in the country.

With this great love I have for this delicious, I decided to bring the recipe for how to prepare.

-01 and ½ tablespoon of margarine with salt
-02 and ½ tablespoons of chocolate powder
-01 can of condensed milk
-01 package granulate
-Molds Paper

How to Prepare
-Mix all ingredients in a pot, the less grainy!
-Return to heat and do not stop stirring (otherwise will avoid lumps. ATTENTION huh ?!)
-Let thicken. The right to fire off point is when you see the bottom of the pan to scrape the spoon.
-Remove from heat and allow to cool.
-To roll, rub a little margarine hands and make balls the size you want.
-Pass the balls in chocolate sprinkles and put each Brigadeiro in your molds paper

A tip: if you have too lazy to do these last two cases, you can eat straight from the pan Brigadeiro same. Suffice to grab the spoon and eat.

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