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A year ago, a former colleague from Dubai messaged me. He is from Iraq and he was following me on my social media channels without my knowledge but his message even got me surprised even more. He would like to come to Cebu and he would like me to recommend which spots should he be visiting.

As a Filipino and a patriotic citizen of this country, I was honored to know that he would like to visit my country. He even told me about his budget and asked if it would be enough. Of course, his budget was more than enough.

That was a year ago, unfortunately, he wasn't able to come due to work issues. However, he is still very interested and might come again after his contract ends.


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Because of that situation, I thought of sharing with you the planned itinerary which I also recommended to my former colleague. This itinerary was all for Cebu province since his stay was only good for two weeks. Here are the recommended places to visit when in Cebu.

1. Cebu City Tour and Getting to Know the History and Culture

Coming to the country and Cebu specifically means one is willing to learn about the tradition, culture, and history of the country.

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The Filipinos are one of the most hospitable people on earth and we have the tendency of even welcoming the guests into our house. No wonder why so many foreigners had already settled in the country.

To better learn about Cebu and its people, the best place to visit is the main city which is filled with historical spots. Here are the best places to come by:

● Plaza Independencia and Fort San Pedro


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Built to protect the ancestors from invaders, this structure was constructed by the command of the Spaniards. However, when World War II happened, this part of the city was blown by missiles but the structure remained together with the other ancestral houses around the area.

Today, Fort San Pedro is a tourist attraction where the photos of the old days are displayed together with some of the writings of the Spaniards who ruled the province.


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In front of the Fort San Pedro is Plaza Independencia which is a park developed for the Cebuanos. Crowded mostly during the weekends as kids and families often have a picnic here. The beautiful trees and its shady leaves and branches give the visitors cool feeling while spending the afternoon with their loved ones.

● Casa Gorordo

Walking distance from the Plaza Independencia is an ancestral house referred to Casa Gorordo. It has been recently renovated to accommodate guests and allow them to experience and be driven into how the old Cebu looked like.


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Equipped with illustrations, video interactive shows which allows the user to touch and display information of the old Cebu City where there were also options to listen to how the streets of Cebu sounded like. This is definitely a recommended place to learn further about Cebu and its people.

Prominent names are also on display. Some vintage items at hand as well. But the significance of this house is due to its structure which depicts how a typical Filipino would create.

A guest arrival lobby area, a huge staircase going to the second floor, a suitor's corner, the ancestral rooms and bedrooms which would depict how a rich Filipino lived during the Spanish Era.

Wooden floors and furniture, capiz shell windows, crocheted table covers and long tables with Chinese collection items displayed in the cabinets. All of these can be seen in Casa Gorordo plus they provide a souvenir section.

● Dine at a Filipino STK House


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Can't get out of the city without trying out Filipino food. And when we talk about Filipino food, that pretty means one has to go to an STK or Sugba which is grilled in English, Tuwa for soup and Kilaw or ceviche.

I had a referred my friend to a different restaurant before but since I have learned about KKD BBQ + STK, I am recommending it too plus it is just walking distance to Plaza Independencia in fact, it is just right across!

In an STK, fresh fishes are grilled, cooked into a soup and even eaten raw like sushi but with coconut milk and lots of spices. There are also barbecue types of food available. This is really a recommend place to dine in Cebu City!

The rustic feel within a container van is cool and in nowadays so being here would be a nice way to end his first day in Cebu

2. Going South

Cebu island is shaped like a bacon thus it has a long way going to the south and north. So for the rest of his stay, I offered to explore both the southern and northern parts of the province.


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● Climb Osmeña Peak

I personally had been wanting to climb the peak but had not yet set a time for that maybe because we were not ready with the gears and stuff because if we are going to trek up there, I want to have an overnight stay so I can witness the beautiful view of the sunrise.


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Osmeña Peak is one of the many trekking and camping sites in Cebu which is being visited by mountaineers and even the non-enthusiasts because of its view, it has this spiky hills and the view of the horizon showcasing sunrise is magnificent.

A day climb or an overnight would be good.

● Kawasan Canyoneering


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Kawasan Waterfalls became a sensation due to its tortoise blue waters and heavy drops of waterfalls which feels like one are having a water massage!

But what I haven't tried as well is the canyoneering. This activity is heart pumping and full of jumps and splashes into the clear waters. It is an awesome water activity as it will immerse you in the beauty of nature and its virgin forest along the way. Plus, the activity runs for like four hours so it is totally worth the fees!

● Swim with the Whalesharks

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Perhaps the most visited tourist attraction now in the entire Cebu is Oslob because of their whale sharks. It started in the year 2011 and still is ongoing to this day.

The whale sharks or tuki as how it is locally referred to has been in this area of the town since the old days, asking for food from the fishermen. It was once called as a curse for the locals of Oslob but because some of the fishermen would give them food, they stayed and now they are giving the town and the entire province popularity and even fortune.

● Tumalog and Aguinid Waterfalls


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Since whale sharks swimming would take around an hour or two including all the registration, briefing and the waiting, after the activity, it would be awesome to check out Aguinid and Tumalog waterfalls.

Tumalog Waterfalls is just near the Whale Sharks but Aguinid is to the next town but it isn't that far from each other so it would still be nice to check it out.


Photo credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

While the waterfall in Oslob is a chill one with a pool and nice veil-like waters, Aguinid is a bit of challenging as one has to trek their way up to the next tier. However, it is not that challenging compared to the one in Kawasan.

Since this blog is getting long I decided to cut it into two, this as the first part and another part in the next blog. More recommended places to visit when in Cebu!

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