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Today I am going to discuss the topic of this blog these as the community is very important. It not only shorten the only one racing in this country to bring a change is a mere attempt. Many aspects of the recommendation. With a keen eye squarely put it Pai recommendation or word if there are a lot of things. There are also against our religion. An important and simple way to recommend the general terms we call it bribery


If we educate the public . Many slogans , NGOs worked immensely to education . So much to see now if they want to study . People want to read . And are happy to know that people are reading and watching . Studies is the tendency of people . But the fact is that reading literacy throughout the growing influence of education anywhere but there . We are educated people are ignorant . If the education of our religion . Our religion teaches us that what we read in books in different ways . Whether its a morality based on any scientific research or Bob.


After reading so much to learn and so when we step into her career started to take a turn that recommended that the bribe is the use of Education?? We know when someone is recommending is a very big political hand behind her. So many poor deserving is dead right. Many needy people are waiting to complete their education. He also completed his education when getting a good job that you and your family to reform.


But Jobs , who is Lee ? All the people. Whenever a company is no uyknsy uyknt fact he is not . They post their full recommendations are made ​​.


     They neither toil nor exams with your job are sincere . Why they are not used to hard work . They know that they will get their degrees granted rest .......


                         And the same process many social evils are born . Recommendations that would make any effort to find a job if they can not care for themselves through employment . More money in a simple way and he is three hours . And consequently betrays his own country and his own career goes . I mean corruption is clear .variety of non-


 Hence the request If you recommend someone counted the same way we can get away with this evil and make the country free of crime.

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