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There are many types of injuries in human body. One such injury is Foot and Hand injury that includes of hands, elbows, wrists, feet disorders and problems. To treat such injuries there are special surgeons available, where foot and hand clinic Dubai have expert doctors to help you cure with such injuries.

How Foot and Hand injuries occur?

Sports activity, or everyday activities or sometimes even by walking, dancing or indulging in any kind of activities can cause injury and damage the soft tissues of your body. These occur in damaging ligaments, tendons and muscles. Some damages like sprains, strains, bursitis, stress injuries, tendonitis, etc. can create serious problems. So it is better to cure and treat them from special doctors at foot and hand clinic Dubai who carefully treat such disorders.

If you are facing any of these issues then get yourself checked from the expert doctors at foot and hand clinic Dubai who are specialized in the fields of hand and upper limb, foot and ankle, hand disorders such as ankle sprain, hand arthritis, calluses and many more. All these injuries require patience and long-term treatment with proper medication. The Dubai doctors are extremely knowledgeable and use advanced techniques to treat the patients.

Types of Hand and Foot injuries:-


Hand injuries:-

Different hand injuries like fracture complications, tendon injuries, painful wrist, joint deformities, nerve disorders, trigger finger, congenital abnormalities, cysts and tumors of the hand and sports related injuries are addressed by the Dubai doctors.

 Foot injuries:-

Foot injuries, like heel pain, tendonitis, Neuromas, Bunions, hammertoes, bone spurs, arthritic joints and deformities, tendon and ligament tears, acute and chronic ankle pain, chronic instability, diabetic foot care, chronic and non-healing ulcers and sports related injuries are also treated by the Dubai doctors.

 Reconstruct surgery hand and foot injuries:-

Get your surgery done from the Hand and Foot clinic Dubai as the doctor’s expertise on the Hand and Foot division and offer high quality treatment. They also specialize in the care of patients where co-operative nurses and assistants medicate and take care of the patients properly. They keep their patients at the first priority for full functioning of the organs. The team of orthopedic surgeons, radiologists, podiatrists and other assistants are always ready in taking care of the patients. Surgeries take place at proper medical center with easy access to all multispecialty devices, instruments and other doctors for help, 24x7 assistance with full facilities.

The doctors are specialized in hand and Foot division. With best practices, these doctors have achieved excellence in treating patients well, where complicated injuries have been treated exceptionally. Dubai is the place where you find such surgeons and doctors give you supreme after care and best results.

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