Recreational Parks in Herat

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Takht-e-Safar, Bagh-e-Melat, and Mirdawood are all the names of entertaining parks located in different parts of Herat.

Takht-e-Safar is located on northern part of Herat city on top of a mountain. Bagh-e- Melat is located at the western part of Takht-e-Safar which is about one kilometer away from which.

They are both open day and night to not only Afghan visitors, but even foreign journalists and tourists.

Takht-e-Safar and Bagh-e-Melat are giving interesting look for Herat city during the nights. These two famous recreational places are the host of hundreds of Herat and other individuals from different parts of Afghanistan every night.

There are hotels with delicious Afghan foods and different roundabouts, and swings for the people to enjoy.

Mirdawood is another recreational place which is located on southern part of Herat where passengers say farewells and leave Herat city.

This is also a famous location that most of Afghan people are familiar with it. When spring comes, this mount wears its green lap. When you look at it from the top it is dotted due to the pine trees. These trees cast such a cooling shade that everybody wants to experience it again and over again.

Herat is called the city of parks and recreational locations. Thus, this city is usually the host of different people from different Afghan provinces.

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