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I  was passing by a grocery store, and there was something that truly caught my eye so I stopped to smell the roses, literally. I’m sure we are all aware of the vast variety of flowers that we can find even at a corner grocery store walking to work, on our way home, or to a family event. It is pretty cool that living in such a big city we are so spoiled with our accessibility to almost everything imaginable including fresh flowers from all-over the world.

So once I got over this tiny fascination with the variety of flowers that we have access at an arms length, I began to question the meaning behind the colors of roses, especially after hearing that yellow roses were mainly suitable for funerals; I was intrigued.

 After some research I found out what certain colors meant; some were sort of a given, other not so much. Starting with red. Red roses signify love, passion and romance, as we generally know but, dark red roses represent a deep kind of love and beauty. Red roses also have different meaning depending on the amount given. For instance a single rose means “I Love You” whereas, a dozen means, “be mine”.


Moving down the line, we have pink roses that represent thankfulness, gratitude and the ideal rose to give someone for celebrations.


Purple roses represent love at first sight, which is super –sweet; blue roses show mystery and boldness; orange roses signify passion, enthusiasm, desire and lust; white roses show peace and happiness making them ideal for weddings or bridal parties and yellow roses express friendship and happiness in a platonic sense.

 The final one that I found out is the main rose given during funerals is the black rose, representing death. Now, make sure you don’t give someone a black rose unless you know they truly adore them, otherwise you’re just looking for trouble.


Roses truly have a lot of meaning associated with each color so make sure you don’t give a platonic friend a single red rose, ‘cause they will definitely feel very awkward no matter a guy or gal.

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