Red Color Detection Vehicle Introduction

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Basically this project is on Digital Image Processing.

In this project basically we are going to track the red color. For this purpose we used different module to
detect this color.As we mention it in the Block Diagram what type of modules we used in our project for
detection of color.First of all we need a camera which transfer the target information to the software,
this camera connect through Deny Device and frequency modulator.Deny Device convert the Analog
signal into Digital signal and Frequency module is used to interface the camera with our laptop.We used
Matlab software for synchronizing the camera with laptop.Camera sent the data to matlab then matlab
perform the operation according to our commands and then send the data to
micro controller.Micro controller perform the operation as remote ,according to given command and
move towards the red color which is basically our target color.we put some check according which car
tilt towards the color.

Project Components:
These components are used in this Project.
Microcontroller Atmega32
Serial Module

Deny Device

In our project we use a wireless camera which send us video from the target position.
Analog receiver used for receiving the information which sent by camera.We use a Deny device
which convert the information from analog to digital data.

DC Power Supply

For Micro controller, as well as the CAR, a regulated DC power supply is required. We have to

provide +5V to the Micro controller and +9V to the Camera, while +12V to the CAR.

As We discussed in previous project first move on Hardware we make it on Proteus for verify our results and then we move in Ares for making the PCB Design.

Following picture shows Serial Module PCB Design.

we design serial module for interfacing our hardware with our laptop.

Then we design Micro controller and Max232 communication PCB design,This is also connected with DP'9 for Serial communication.

which following pictures showed.

So this is the first part of Red color Detection vehicle in which we discus about its parts,working and components.In Next tutorial we will discus about its programming.

So stay connected with filmannax for next part.

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