Reducing risk at workplace. safety series pt 5

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Hello everyone, this is 5th article of the series and we will be going to study that how can we reduce or eliminate the risk at workplace. Well there are many methods by which we can reduce risk or hazard in a specific workplace. Firstly we need to asses the risk in a workplace. If risk assessment is properly done at workplace and we have identified the key hazards. now its time to apply proper techniques in order to reduce or eliminate the risk.

Well we can control or reduce the risk by reducing the chance of the risk . in order words we have to reduce the likelihood of the risk. likelihood is defined as the measure of the chance of risk. so we need to reduce the chance of risk by applying certain and work related techniques. Secondly we need to reduce the consequence of the risk. means the end result of the risk may become lower or not fatal.

for example we can replace the the high risk machinery with low risk. risk will be present but it will be minimized because of the replace of machinery.

We can reduce the risk of danger by applying both factors , i-e reducing likelihood and consequence of a hazard or risk.

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