Reflection day: making life improving choices for the new year.

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Hello everyone and a happy Saturday to all. At last, I am no longer mixed up with the days of the week and we are finally seeing a full day of sunshine. The past three days have been too much on the cloudy side for my liking, so I am glad to have plenty of sunshine once again. The only downside of this day is the hot temperatures. As always the cool weather did not stick for long and till next week our temperature will be on the mid 80 degrees.

I am not planning much either today. I know many might think that I live a bore life, but trust me with all the hecticness and drama going on around constantly an uneventful weekend filled with relaxation sounds like heaven to meo. There is never a dull moment in this home, at times not even when people re away, so it tends to get to be too much at times.

All I want is to take some time for myself, enjoy some quality time with my husband since I have him here the whole weekend and most importantly, examine my current status and what course of action will have to be taken on the next year to improve our situation. I don’t men setting up those silly New Year’s resolutions; I don’t waste my time on that. I rather put my life in to focus and perspective and set realistic goals for the upcoming year.

Other than that, bubbling is the next most important thing on my agenda. But even I have to admit, I am lacking the motivation lately. Bubblews feels like a deflated balloon and that is sucking all my motivation, but I am still giving it my best.

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