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Today I have read the status of Regie in her FB page. She is a relative and I love her thoughts for the day which decided me to share with you. Here is goes:

"For the one who deserves me at my best... and who can accept me for what I am no matter what is behind my past... the one who will not hurt me emotionally and will treat me that I am the only one in his life... I am looking for the man who will give me a happy peaceful life, forever. You are the one!"

What caught my attention was not on the way she is looking for the man of her life, but for the sincerity and emotions she has in her words for searching. Many of us were using lots of specific adjectives to describe their dreamed man or woman for that matter. But failed to put on the feeling on the words to magnetize the dreamed person they are looking for.

Looking back in our every life experiences, we can recall in our search for anything both living and not, the result were not always the same as what we perceive things to be. But we always loved the results because we put feelings to what we are searching for. Simple thing like, you are looking for a red dress but found a beautiful pink one, yet you love it much even more than your dreamed red dress. So simple, isn't it?

What do you think guy? What's your thought about this. Any comment? Your thoughts are always welcome. :)


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