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register here to get your prize is an elite website on which registered users can acquire points by performing simple tasks. Those points can be exchanged for valuable prizes.


1. How to get GN Points?

GN Points can be acquired in 3 different ways:

  • Log in daily and get your points by clicking GET DAILY GN - this way you can generate points once every 24 hours.
  • Invite your friends through INVITE FRIENDS tab
  • Perform daily missions from MISSIONS tab

2. The prize can not be ordered because it is unavailable. Why?

  • Prizes are available during restocks. Restocks are usually once a month. The dates of restocks will be announced on our official fanpage as well as in the news on


3. How many people do I have to invite to receive the GOLD MEMBER rank and to acquire 2 times the GN Points and to receive a free t-shirt?

  • Normally you have to invite 30 people but for the first two months after the launch of Gokano you will only have to invite 20 individuals.

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