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One day,the man named "Velmont" gone to the FLOWER SHOP to buy flowers and gone straight to the department store to buy chocolates for his girlfriend because this day is their 2nd year anniversary.
No one can ever explain how happy Velmont is at that moment,he called his girlfriend named "Chriztine" and he set the time and place where they are going to meet.

Velmont arrived at the park under the mango tree and sat own on the chair where they used to sit.About an hour ago since Velmont arrived but Chriztine isn't there yet.

Velmont called his girlfriend but the phone's off so he worried too much.Velmont walked for a while and he suddenly saw his girlfriend with other guy,he hurriedly talked to the boy and held his girlfriend but his girlfriend said that she did not know Velmont.

The guy punched Velmont and beaten him into pulp but he still holding his girlfriend's hand.Velmont lost consciousness and has been taken by other people to the hospital.The doctor said that Velmont is sick and what happened to him worsen it.

After leaving the hospital,Velmont gone to Chriztine's house but the girl asked him to leave.Velmont begged his girlfriend to come back at him over and over again but he have been refused over and over again.

Velmont didn't showe up to Chriztine's house for 4 days and Chriztine wondered about that because she knew that Velmont won't give up that easily.After a few days,Chriztine received a box and a mail it says that Velmont is dead,he died holding her picture.She opened the box and she found melted chocolate and dead roses.

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Hi! I'm John Patrick de Lacy from the Philippines. I want to make a lot of friends here and i hope that i will be able to befriend all the bitlanders!

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