Regulatory card hints at a possible Google Glass launch in Canada

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Currently available in the US and UK, Google Glass could soon be on its way to Canada. A Glass explorer recently received a replacement unit and noticed that his wearable was accompanied by a new regulatory informational card for Canada. The bundled literature advised that Google’s wearable had been approved by Industry Canada for use within the country.




The insert advises that the explorer keep the card with their Glass unit, presumably if traveling to Canada. The bundled reading material also notes that its information is viewable from within the device’s settings. It’s possible that this could be a precautionary measure by Google to assist Glass explorers who may travel to Canada, however it could very well be a sign that the search giant’s high-tech eyewear is coming to the Great White North.

In hope of getting more details about this card, we’ve reached out to Google for comment and will update this article if any additional information becomes available.


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