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(first of all pause the above movies if they are disturbing you while reading this)

A global phenomenon that is observed  (especially in the developing countries) is the recurrent occurrence of draught and flood.

I feel that we can prevent this up to a large extend if we manage to reign in our rivers (guiding them to the less irrigated parts) and provide waste water services.

Though it may sound simple, it is a Herculean task, but the motivating factor to accomplish this is “the will to do it” by our city fathers.

Reminds me of a news item I saw last week where nice clean water is gushing out from under a small culvert in Kerala (south India) It was reported and many experts came and did a lot of investigation but could not locate the source of the leak !! Meanwhile the village folks are making best use of the clean water in the prevailing summer time and water cuts.

Recently I came across a short movie Ask Your Father (above) in which a father explains to his daughter the complete process of water management. What I liked about the movie is the simple way in which it has been explained with some animated graphics thrown in for easy understanding.

United Utilities provides water and wastewater services to nearly seven million people in the north west of England, supplying three million households and over 200,000 business premises. They manage the catchment land around the reservoirs to safeguard the quality of raw water that is collected and stored.

Wish we could adopt this method all over the world.

Now watch the 3:17 minute movie your self and you will agree with what I am saying.

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