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I have written so many blogs on film annex before this. Those were on different topics some were on current issues, sports and related with my education. But today I have selected the most important topic. Today the my topic is relation of mother with her child. This is the strongest and the lovely relation of the world.

The mother is the only being due to which we have come to the earth. Due to her we have a life. About nine month she keeps her baby in her belly. When the birth time come closer, she gave the birth to her baby after the lots of trouble. In this way she can loose her life but he did not care about this. Because she love her child. Today the science has change the world and decrease the diseases when a mother gives the birth to her child.

In the childhood she feed her child with her milk. She takes care of her child at any cost. When her child ill or have any problem, she give her totally time in the serving. She awake whole night for her child. Every mother love her child very much. She loves her child till, when her child did not come at the age of sense or at the age of 12 to 18 years. By doing these thing he feel relax and comfortable.

She loves her child much more than the past. When he looks at her child he feel happy. When we go to the school, college or university. She gives us the breakfast and when we came back she gives us the lunch. A mother loves her child forever. We should love to our mothers. Especially, when she is old. Because she has face the lots of difficulties and trouble to give the birth to us. A famous quotation is that

A home is like a graveyard without the mother

And this is also true because this is the nature human being that they did not care of those things which they have.

At the end I will only want to say that the life is useless with out the mother. I love my mother.

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