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Relationships aren't what they use to be, now a days people give up too easily, they allow their relationship to fall apart due to the little things instead of actually resolving the problems together, most of all they allow others to get in the way of what they have together. The way I see relationship is you try so hard to get this person in the beginning, you do all these small things in order to let them know how you feel about them, your effort is constant.


So, why not continue all of this? If this person actually means something to you, you would try, you wouldn't allow them to feel insignificant in your life. Lastly, Stop treating your relationship like a chore, be with them because you want to, be committed to one person. If you truly do love them show it because you want to.. not because you have to.

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Emm, this section makes my mind go like "who am I" :/ :p

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