Releasing Richie, and two new projects

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Looking forward to a busy few months ahead of me. Even though Richie has been completed, the work doesn't stop there as I now look for potential festivals to screen it at.  I've had copies made of the DVD so in the next few weeks I'll be entering it into comedy festivals, short short festivals, and other non-specific festivals. I've also got the chance to send it to festivals that have already screened my work, giving it a better chance of being accepted. It's only 2 minutes long, so the challenge I had with Pie Money doesn't apply here. 

Although like Pie Money, it's going to be interesting how this film is received. I've had people say they didn't quite get it, and people say they loved it. Both ends of the spectrum, as I expected.

Whilst I work on Richie, I'm also starting two new exciting projects. 

Firstly, I'm planning to make a documentary about my grandmother, who travelled from Poland to Africa during WWII. It's an amazing story, and working in the heritage sector at Fuzzy Duck has shown me that it's vital that we document these stories. 

It's now all down to finding the right story. I've got some research to do, so I can identify what angle it will concentrate on. There are hundreds of possibilities; it could be about the day they left poland, or the journey there, or the day they finally left Africa after the war, or the idea of a 'lost youth'. I'll be shooting this in the next couple of months, hoping to release it in the summer.

I've also been writing a comedy-drama script for the past year. This is the logline:

3 years after Christmas is criminalised, a policeman's career is on the line when his dad, Santa Claus, returns from hiding.

I'm hoping to finish the final draft by the end of this month, as pre production starts. I'm also looking into creating a kickstarter campaign for this as I can see it costing around £2000, so as this happens I'll keep you all up to date with how I find the process.

Hopefully this will be shot in the next few months, with a view to releasing it around the summertime. 


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