relgion----a theory to survive

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What is any religion?

I think when You are infant or just getting the senses then the grooming of relogion started by

our elder which are also feeded by same treatment so they reciprocate same with us and we are the part of

samecycle which gives us same type of follow procedures and ritials if you like or not who care

and also notice that no one can ask any question about it when or what or how.


Had any one seen God/allah/Khuda/Bhagwan what you name them...

But you have to see still just blind believe follow us as we follow the blind path ,,,,

Just in hope to get happiness and peace with complete sense of fulfillement which never get

What if you are wealthy and healthy?

Still getting problem in form of relation and many more created problem but our near ones.

So you have to fight with it with the shield of religiion which may be protect you morally but

It is your fight you like it then thanks or just bear it with your effort.

Some time you loose some time you win but it happen with all the humans

No one can define you exact way but always try it.

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