Religious Events & Relief to Nation by Government

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In the world when some religious event occurs,the government provide subtidy to nation so every countrymen will be given incentive on different items of daily use. Governments provide relief to nation in multiple ways and these rules are deployed is worldwide.the main concept behind all this is that services will be provided to nation on less cost but here in Pakistan traders follows the principle that money should come to us by any mean regardless of services.By doing this prices go higher & higher and it becomes difficult for middle class & poor families to purchase daily usage items. There is no proper system or rule that government should apply to overcome these problems.On the one hand government starts relief stalls & utility stores to facilitate the nation but its not what it looks like, the actual fact behind all is that they take millions of money from national wealth on the basis of subsidy which is only beneficial to the rich peoples or the concerned peoples.Daily usage items are sold to nation for very short period like beggars & then it disappears for another week or so,sometimes it takes month to avail such kind of thing. In these relief stalls companies sell their lowest quality goods with the help of administration & put desired price labels on daily usage items. Most of the time the goods that are being sold on such relief stalls are expensive than normal goods store.

Every government oaths that this government provide relief to the nation in every way & take initial steps to stop bribery,nepotism etc etc to satisfy the nation but their vow turns 360 degrees,but every government fails to do so & such things start happening again after sometime. The price lists that are issued by magistrate & assistant commissioner are being displayed but no one follows these rates.

All in all the government should do something to provide the nation real relief not the relief that they promises every time. 

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