Remember me !!!

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I remember the times I remember 2 boys take to the message long after midnight that 2 children laughing I miss you, said I laughed, but now I have a man of yesterday we now have to remember how far his eyes , lips remember, remember remember my arms all false memories remaining 1 day 2 treatment met the boy did not know DC was not happy as the first day you .. ?? now do?! how do you feel like the DC that day how he holds his hands full DC and most importantly how do you go back you say do you know this, but surely one thing that you know I love you know spend much :) he has never loved me like this for no real love for him no longer to remember longing glances old memories could not seem stifled and he sank back again into 1 illusion there were times I thought I loved him as he loved me and I too affects everything around him

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