Remember who you were, Be aware of who you are, decide who you will be.

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There’s noone that can undertand you better than yourself, your weak points, your assets, your dreams and hopes, listen to your own spirit, be your best friend, as selfish as it sounds, others might hurt you in their prejudice or advice claiming they can know you better than you do. Accept wise advice, integrate it in the system but for final resolutions, listen to your own inner voice. Some people are not born to have sensible, perfectly polished and plotted lives, some of us have a wild spirit that goes its own way in search of strange visionary dreams, we´re free to be the odd ones out, and try to pursue them, there´s nothing wrong in trying it EVEN if you end up failing. If a friend is a friend they’ll have to understand and accept it, if they’re not, they’re aways free to go (in peace). Of course we all have things that we should change as none of us are perfect but it’s us who must be aware and be free to decide  where we want to go. 

so my advice to all of you fighting for a dream

go for it, Follow your hear!

no matter what they say

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Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter, composer and visual artist from Spain

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