Remembering High School (3rd. Year)

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Remembering High School (3rd. Year)


Junior Year, 3rd.yr. high school.

On that year others were having hard times dealing with the ordeal, and some were able to devote ourselves in to continue high school.

Being on Junior level made us very anxious that we are getting closer to edge of goodbye, but first we are making our Junior year more memorable and precious than the past level (freshmen,sophomore), more precious than Louis Vuitton.

Extracurricular activities again, the Intramurals, Camporal, Drum and Buggle Core Competion, Intramurals was funny, I can say we were such a loser that we ended up on 3rd place, haha.. sophomores got the 2nd place, what a shame on us Seniors,

Well somehow still smiling, forget the defeat, vengeance is always an option. haha.. funny...

I also remember the month of October, every year, the Holy Rosary Month, Mama Mary birthday and flying a giant replica of balloons forming a rosary.

The Halloween, the Jamboree, the christmas celebration, valentines and recognition is here.

Junior year was tremendous point in our high schooll life.

Just like I told you, precious than your Louis Vuitton.






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