Remembering High School (4th Year)

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Remembering High School (4th Year)


Senior year, our 4th.yr high school.

''Senior, at last'', this is the words that we heard on our first day on our 4th year in high school. In this part of my high school history, is the dexterous Seniors that dominates the alma mater, typically, we are the eldest among the students, so we have gained rights to be the good model and lead them to make our school a better place to learn.

We realized how hard is the life of our Senior Year was gratifying, we vowed to each other that no matter what circumstances we may encounter, harmony must always overcome eternally, this was just the beginning.

Our Senior year, activities includes Cheerdance competition, which put us 5th place, that's alright, hehe... Again Intramurals, same as the past 3 years, still splendid, but on this year as Senior we are triumphant, every event we gain victory especially the Ms&Mr Intramurals.

Other events were Science Camp, Jamboree again, National Youth Day and the Retreat.

And but of course our graduation day.




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