Replacing the VIP Culture

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The VIP culture has pretty much been taken over by this new Culture. This new culture, as the name suggests, points towards burning and stinging of some specific organs. means burn and ‘”” means like. And this Culture is one of manipulation, exploitation and sheer deception. Popular leaders of today, handsome and charismatic precisely, take hold of the stage for an awful number of days and rant a little about their deepest desires. Then they pretend to criticize the haves and act like they give a shit about the have-. When they have our attention, they whine about the status questioning everything about it and pointing fingers like God didn’t put a number on that. They ignore that they will be the status someday and they will repeat these mistakes and there will be other as well.

There is only this simple lesson that I want to draw your attention towards: a million people can do stupid, we have seen this in the past and we are indubitably witnessing something similar now. Also, don’t forget: all that glitters is not gold. :D

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