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 Let’s test your knowledge of Dutch customs just a tad. I was reading a little more into this culture and the interesting practices that some in the Western world follow, but is not necessarily required.

 As with all cultures throughout the world, the Dutch also have some very distinct cultural customs and general obligations in relation to human behavior and responsibility that is appropriate by the standards of society.


The Dutch people are very egalitarian, which is not as common in today’s world as we may hope to believe that is everyone is equal and has equal rights to state their opinion regardless of wealth, status, religion, gender, or any other factor.

 What’s interesting is that the Dutch show that everyone is valued and respected even in the workplace where even though the boss may have the final decision he/she feels more inclined and will strive for consensus as everyone has a right to their opinion.


To continue with the high value of respect in the Netherlands, the Dutch are very private individuals, which makes sense since respecting an individual means respecting his/her privacy as well.

 The Dutch personal life is separate from business and you would not ask any personal questions without knowing a person, as it is a form of disrespect. In addition, flaunting wealth and material possessions is seen more as disgraceful than anything else.

 Personal issues or matters of any kind are not discussed with even with friends, no matter how close you may be to one another. The Dutch are very formal with outsiders and practically everyone even when using a name where first names are only used with family and close friends unless you’re invited.


Another interesting cultural tradition is gift giving when coming over someone’s home for dinner.

 Some fun facts to know beforehand are when invited bring a box og good quality chocolates, a book or flowers to the hostess but not white lilies or chrysanthemums as they are associated with funerals. No wine either, because the host may have chosen one for dinner already.

 The Dutch culture is quite fascinating indeed; we have more to learn about all the world’s cultures than we may think.


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