Results of the Halloween Creative Contest

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W​hich video, blog, or picture received the most Buzz? Who won the Buzz Bonuses?

Here are the results of the first Halloween Creative Contest​!
​1. shy_melkie - Wins 50 Buzz Bonuses​
2. Khoc-Tham - Wins 30 Buzz Bonuses​
3. Ex-aequo: lordroseman-vrael & Meatloaf - Win 20 Buzz Bonuses
4. akosilani - Wins 10 Buzz Bonuses
5. Vontumbles - Wins 10 Buzz Bonuses
6. geetwo-narat - Wins 10 Buzz Bonuses
7. Katerina13 - Wins 10 Buzz Bonuses
8. rod-sison - Wins 10 Buzz Bonuses
9. Mery-Graff - Wins 10 Buzz Bonuses
10. MrNguyen - Wins 10 Buzz Bonuses

See below the best 4:
Third (ex-aequo)
Thank you for your participation!

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