Retirement Plans

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Retirement plays an important role in our lives when we get older.

It's like thinking on how we will live at a certain point when every body else is young and you - getting old, lol.

It's reality, and we should face it.


As early as now, we should be aware that we will grow old, weak, and eventually a burden to our children.

But before that thing will happen, we must also make a plan on how we want to live when that time comes.

Planning things ahead and putting it into action, making an effort to save as early as now- to be out of debt if possible, become financially stable and fulfilling the things that can make us happy like traveling or making another career path.

Money may not be everything, but it's one thing we badly needed when we gets old.


Pension may help us to sustain but an extra money will really help a lot.

And of course, be healthy.

How can you enjoy your retirement fee if you are sick? Hehe :)



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