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In early 2012, after a film production hiatus of several years, I started to get the experimental filmmaking itch again. I had up until this point been rediscovering and working on another creative passion - photography. As I developed my photography practice, I once again found myself in experimental territory. I had been working on a few photography techniques and developed a series of photographs that at first glance seemed to look more like abstract paintings. This was achieved using a photography technique called panning. For those unfamiliar with this technique, panning is where your camera is fixed to a tripod and you pan the camera left to right or tilt the camera vertically with the shutter speed set to between 1 to 3 seconds exposure. What ends up happening is the that the colours captured by the camera sensor blur together to create an abstract looking set of colour lines. The results I achieved using this photographic technique developed a further interest in another photographic technique - light painting.

Still here? Splendid! Well, this interest in light painting made me think ‘how can I make these images move?’ After some research into this self-posed question, I decided that I wanted to re-image my light painting photographs to move in three-dimensional space. After some time learning the appropriate production and post-production techniques needed to achieve my goal, I arrived at a finished experimental short. To me, this film explores the ideas of reinterpretation, transference to an altered visual perception and the evolution of forms and shapes. At around this time I reconnected with a previous collaborator from the early days of Left of the Border Films – Jan Los. I explained to Jan that I had a film that lacked a soundtrack. I went on to tell Jan I could not think of a better person than him to collaborate with to produce the soundtrack to this film. And so began a new stage in my collaborative work with people I consider as excellent sound designers. The fact that Left of the Border Films Collaboration One saw me working with one of my original Left of the Border co-founders (over a decade later) brings to me a very personal and fulfilling sense of reconnection. I hope you enjoy Left of the Border Films Collaboration One as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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Iain Goodyear is a film maker, motion graphics animator and photographer based in Manchester in the UK. Iain has produced films, music videos and animations that are experimental and abstract in nature since 2000. He graduated from Staffordshire University in 2001 with a BA Hons in Media Production. Iain also…

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