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The Revenant

“When there is a storm, and you stand in front of a tree, if you look at its branches, you swear it will fall, but if you watch the trunk, you will see its stability.”

Revenge is always delivered cold blooded; nothing is different, when Hugh Glass (Leonardo di Caprio) crawls defying streams and avalanches to deliver it – clean and classy. The feature film ‘The Revenant’, adapted from Michael Punke's novel with the same title, directed by Mexican director Alejandro G. Iñárritu, is a movie to be savored – in its wild slowness and its smoky rawness – as you do with your Highland single malt Scotch whisky. You actually slowdown with the sharp sheerness of the movie – you’re in no hurry – you float with it. Just like a whisky’s sour mash been fermented inside the big oak cask – Hugh Glass’s revenge turbulences inside. And it’s the movie all about.

Towards its end, Glass’s prime foe John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) asks: “You came all this way just for your revenge huh? Did you enjoy it Glass? ... Cause there ain't nothin' gon' bring your boy back.”

And to know the detailed story I skipped, visit a movie theater. Please don’t take in your glass of Scotch whisky. It will cost you!

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