Review: All Summer in a Day

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Bradbury is an American short story writer who write fiction stories has written many marvelous stories and one of his fantastic short stories is All Summer in a Day.


In this short story, a group of people is living on Saturn and as there is no sunlight on the planet for whole year due to continuous and non-stop rain. The sun comes for only a couple of hours every seven years. The children from school don't know that because they are only nine years old and they never seen sun in their life. 

But a little and frail girl who was actually born on earth, remembers sun and she knows the day and time the sun would shine on Saturn. She tells others that day about prediction of astronomers but no one believes her. Instead they play a practical joke with her and lock her up in a closet. After that they attend class and forget about her.

Then the sun comes and they wonder and play in the fields with joy and surprise but no one remembers that girl who knew that sun will come and was anxious to see it.

The sun hid behind clouds and rain started again for seven more years. Kids went back to class rooms and then suddenly one of them remembers about locked up girl. Every one stared each other with shame and one of them unlocked her and she came out of that closet.

What I like about this story is the cruelty with that frail girl which makes this story sad. She had hopes and was anticipating sun but could not see it because of those who did not even believed in sun and her as well.


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