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Another surprise for today! I received a second review from Miss Hillary and I deeply believe that the reason behind it is the report email which I had sent yesterday. I blogged about here. Actually I was confused if I should send that email but then I did it anyway. It made me feel anxious and thought that the customer service team might think I am too impatient but they had responded immediately to that email although they didn't reply to the email, they had done the best thing by making miss Hillary check on it. I then received two reviews in less than 24 hours after submitting that email.

This time, I was able to take a video of the said review, hope you enjoy the music:

Alright! Thank you so much Miss Hillary for the good ratings! I am now on looking for another blog to make and submit. 

By the way, the updated list is down below and I only have one video submitted left.

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