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Hey guys! want to write about bitlanders as i find this website quite adorable and fantastic it is the best website to earn while you are engaged in social activity, on many circumstances bitlanders introduced many promos to earn for newbie and active users. I am gonna tell some basic rules and ways to earn via Well there is a lot to discuss about bitlanders, Let's Start,


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Before starting my view about I want to share the video of founder of Bitlanders "Frencesco Rulli". Video is a sort of interview hosted by Dustin Brown (Coin Brief on asked few question to Mr.Frensesco so before starting my view let's have some interaction with the founder of In the video Mr.Frensesco explained how he started bitlanders in August 2006, main purpose of bitlanders is to promote bitcoin by giving rewards against social acts and blogging on web. Dustin Brown ask a question to Mr.Frensesco that how the idea of bitlanders comes into his mind and the answer was great, i am not gonna tell you the answer why don't you watch video by yourself and find what did he answer of said question and many more asked by Dustin Brown. Go on watch the video......

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What is Bitlanders?

Bitlanders is Aladin's Jin, it makes your wishes comes true. Bitlanders is a social website which pay you BM's while you are socializing.

So in simple words none like other social websites Bitlanders convert your time into value, it gives you reward in return. Bitlanders offers reward implace of your unique content you hidden talent your skills and moreover globalization all over the world.

Let's discuss about earning parameters that how you can calculate Dollars from Bitmiles. Following is the detail mentioned by which your concept becomes very clear about earning parameters.

Well BM (Bitmiles) is base earning and...

1000 BM = 1kBM

1000 kBM = 1 gBM

1 gBM = 1 USD approx

How Bitlanders works? 

While hanging in global chat i noticed one serious issue that most of the newbies don't know how to use Bitlanders ,very simple rule post your unique content, unique writing skills, unique images collection and unique movies collection. I suggest you should go with Blog writing and gallery. After publishing your content send your content for review Miss Hillary summers will review your content and will rate it accordingly. The more sophisticated and monarch content will be rated high.

I used one word frequently that is "Unique", what does this means, this means the content you are publishing should belongs to you it should not be copy pasted from any other website otherwise your content will be plagiarised and you will be blocked for further concerns.

Here's a tip for newbies one doesn't need to ask any one that how Bitlanders works just follow the steps and rules given on FAQs on bit web. Just go to homepage click on setting menu and select faqs for any information and security issue.


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Ways to Earn on Bitlanders?

There are many ways to earn on bitlanders, your activity defines how you want to earn from bitlanders here i am gonna explain and show basic task where you can earn bitmiles like a piece of cake.

        1) Just by signing in new user on bitlanders you can earn your first reward after that without thinking a sec just go to homepage and read promoted and rated content on your wall you gonna earn bits by just opening the box showing and saying you Open me! 

2) Visit your whole homepage showing bm sign on blog open the blog and get bitmiles. 

3) By sharing your daily buzz reward and bonuses on your other social links you can get bitmiles. 

4) One can earn buzz bonuses by just shopping from bitFashionista, bitCharities and bitGoodies. You just have to purchase the item promoted by Bitlanders like purchase this and you will get 2 buzz bonuses for 14 days picture pasted below Taken from Mr.Micky's post.

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5) Very informative and most easiest way to earn is to spend time using survey chat with bitlanders, Hillary Summers and Mr.Micky. this chat leads to general information and reward on every question which is answered by you. Most frequent chat reward is earned by chatting with Miss Hillary Summers. By spending minutes you can earn up to 250 kbm. Inspect of earning good part is that there is a lot of information you get via question and answering survey chat tells you detail about some quest whether you know the answer or not it's like can't explain in words just want to say "i'm loving it".


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6) Daily reward - Every day you complete daily quest, write blogs and galleries and increase you daily influences you buzz score will increase which ultimately raise your position on the Bitlanders the higher your position daily reward will also be higher. you will also be rewarded by +buzz for continuous daily use of Bitlanders when you reach at +7 buzz then you gonna get +7 buzz every day if once you continuity breaks down you will be dropped to +1 buzz again so be punctual every day.

Source : Bitlanders Chusspa Daily Earning and +6 buzz

7) Did you know you can earn more go to sign in with your bitlanders account and earn bitmiles just by completing simple tasks given by bit-miles.


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Is Bitlanders is worth to use?

Well the question is, is bitlanders is worth to use? And the answer is yes it is. There are many reason that Bitlanders is better than other webs to use. Because other websites offers you only socialization where as on Bitlanders you receive rewards against your activities. So Bitlanders convert your time into return. There are more reasons :

  • The exposure of website is quite interesting it contains homepage to see others activities.
  • Setting panel which contains all the required detail by user like your activities, Inbox, Charity boards, Earn more, My rewards, Preferences and FAQs ETC.
  • Notifications panel which shows recent activities on your user like who subscribes you, who commented on your content.
  • Your total reward on right upper corner earned by you when you click on the reward it takes you to the detailed sheet where a ledger is maintained of your all time earning along with detail mentioned that how you earned that.
  • Your buzz score mentioned on right upper corner total buzz + daily task and influences buzz. The main thing is that when you click on buzz score it takes you to detail of your buzz that includes base buzz + power ups by which you can check that how more power ups you need to get it high. 


Source : Bitlanders

  • Moreover the more convincing and interesting part is Leader board - as it conversant you to be a part of it. And further how much score you need to make it to the leader board.

Image Source : Bitlanders and Cropped by Chusspa 

So, these are some facts which make Bitlanders prior to others.

Bitlanders as an activity:

After facts and use of bitlanders here comes new heading of my topic by suggesting that we should use Bitlanders as daily activity.

Take a bow and shoot your buzz score at leader board, compete with others use and enhance your skills by making unique blogs personal collection of galleries.

Bitlanders helps you in increasing your maturity level. Inspect of wasting your time on other useless social webs you should give time to Bitlanders. Most fascinating thing about Bitlanders is its Global chat and Survey chat. Global chat makes your social activity strong it let you make friends around the global world and allow to share your thoughts, your culture and personal values with others and the good part is multiple users can chat in single conversation box. Let's come to survey chat which is very enthralling as it enhance your general knowledge about social, political, sports care and many other supported content promoted by Bitlanders.

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Below linked video from youtube is the short production of Film Annex supporting Bitlanders. Video shares information that how your Buzz score increases and ultimately your reward increases.


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Here i ends my blog hoping to get maximum rating as i tried lot to cover suggested improvements by Miss.Hillary Summers i have made a positive mind set for Bitlanders till review of this i'm gonna make another blog on Bitlanders about "Spamming and rules to use Bitlanders". Thanks for your precious time for reading my blog hope you like it.                              


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