Review of Chief KIM : A relation between Fraudster and Creative Accountant

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"... I am TQ Psycho..., Your undercover Investigator..."

This line is first thing we see in episode 16 of Chief KIM, K-Drama that told about accounting and business operation Department in TQ Head Quarter, when Kim Sung Ryong (Nam Gung Min) as Chief KIM, someone who formerly a fraudster in financial report and getting 6 times accused as suspect in financial, but with his capability, can survive to pass the trial.

As an accountant in real life, Chief Kim show to us, how realistic between fraudster and creative accountant, the relation between Director Seo Yool (Lee Jon Ho) former prosecutor, that at the first choosing KIM sung Ryong for his weakness background, suddenly being tough competitor by thru some action such as investigated TQ retail Fraud till involving as internal monitoring to disturbed between external audit and internal accounting department report. Actually, Chief Kim Character is too Unique but somehow this character trully missing in our business ethics today.

If you're looking, a good drama that telling relationship that closely related to our real life. Chief KIM is one of best K-Drama I ever seen. especially for accountant, that i believed it so closed for being fraudster and be creative accountant...alt_667102_gallery_58ccf8846cd05_jpg



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