Revolution (Part 2)

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Henry rented the shop of 10 x 10 and started making lunch boxes. He makes daily 200 lunch boxes and supply them to the nearest offices and schools. These lunch boxes were not expensive and mouthful and tasty. Henry's business started growing slowly slowly and of today he supplies thousands of lunch boxes in 14 big cities of united states of america. His employers were huge in numbers and his company works 24/7. He made contract with two of biggest airlines of united states of america and started suplpying lunch boxes. Now, after 30 years he is one of the wealthiest man in united states of america , he owns a bungalow, a fleet of expensive cars and a private plane of 20 seats. Henry's kids completed their education from Berkley and Stanford university. He also purchased back the property from his cousin. Every human being has 5 major needs, Money , which henry had, Home, henry also had a home, Health, Henry can afford treatment expeninsive treatment from the any expensive hospital, Justice, Henry can hire united states of america's most expensive lawyer and expensive law firm and security which henry did is that he had hired his personal security staff for his own and for his childerns . That was Henry's story, now lets hear from Tom's end.


Tom started struggling for political change in country and start supporting Bil Clinton, Bil Clinton reached the white house by the support of his supporters like Tom. Bil Clinton can recognizes Tom by name and by his face, Bil Clinton can also recognize Tom in the crowd of thousands people, wave to him and says "Hi Tom". Tom met 3 times to Bil Clinton and Clinton asked Tom "What i can do for you". Tom requested a home but united states of america's president can't give home to any citizen of united states of america. United states of america's doesn't have the authority to do that so during eight years of Bil Clinton's rule ,Tom was empty handed




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