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Innovation to harvest rice friends his location Milir Village, Madiun district, East Java, removing the rice now there appliance


The rice harvest machine named zaaga abbreviation of the name of the inventor pack Zamroni Agus, the machine is his duty to cut the rice paddy fields, removing the seeds and clean up. This tool can also be packaged directly into the sack, great right?


This tool is made directly at the plant site ZAAGA. All the elements from the engine to the gear-serration to thresh rice and knife are all made in this factory ... with machine and manual use a hand. The price is also not arbitrary. 86 million alone . for one harvest machine ZAAGA. Cool, right. Existing cutting machines working on the front.


Just as electric hair clippers are using the steel blade that is moved automatically. Male or rice stalks are cut off further brought in by conveyor into the threshing machine. Within this thresher, rice seeds and then threshed. Automatically part of the stem and leaves him expelled through the blower. While the seeds of rice sacks were dropped into the shelter. Machine-type rice harvest 120 bn at using a 8.5 horsepower engine with a total weight of about 320 kilograms.


This machine is able to plant one hectare of paddy field only about less than 8 hours with the use of gasoline of about 0.6 liters per hour of her, quickly

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