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these are the pictures that I want to share for this time! please read my little blog to know what I want to tell.

Rice is one of foods that can be consumed either by human beings or animals. rice can make us full and give spirit after consuming it. Indonesia main course namely rice. many people consume it when the are feeling hungry because they think that they can be useful for their health.

Rice is very important in this world because some countries need it to consume. Rice is needed by many people in the world, while the farmer is less than before, so that rice is more expensive and more expensive every time. we have to thank for farmers who have planted the paddy for us because of them we can enjoy and consume it nicely.

We can look at the farmers above, they struggle to plant paddy because they want to help many people who need paddy it. so that we must thank to god every time and every where because of hi, we can enjoy the rice and we can consume rice deliciously.


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