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This is my review for the movie Right Along


Ride Along starts as any cop comedy movie, with a high budget action-packed seen that gets the cop trouble. James Payton (played by Ice Cube) is a cop who's obsessed with of one case. Starting with that you already know it's going to be another generic cop movie. Ben Barber (Played by  Ice Cube) is a hard-core gamer who is dating James's sister. They want to get married, but first they need to ask for James's blessing, which he does not give unless Ben mans up. James and Ben spend half of the movie on a bunch of silly cup calls which were all set up. Meanwhile ben wants to be a cop, but James thinks hes not cut out for the job. So he sets up the fake calls. Ben figures this out and ruins a real call which leads them to the criminal of James has been after for three years. Without ruining the ending... This movie was just an average of buddy cop movie ... That you should see with a friend... at home.... on instant Netflix....

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